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At Preferred Homecare Plus we specialize in caring for certain clients. We provide special care for those persons affected by Alzheimer's disease, are post-operative, stroke victims, and people who are suffering with kidney failure.

Alzheimer's clients are kept stimulated with activities which keep their minds stimulated as well . Our companions orient your loved ones on a daily basis to time, person, place, self. They go over important holidays, birthdays and special events on the calendar. Together, they go for walks around the neighborhood, play board games, cards, dominos, bake, go over recipes, and cook nutritious meals. They reminisce about the "good ole days" while glancing through picture albums. We will provide a safe environment for your loved ones while under our care. Our goal is to keep them safely at home day or night while promoting independence and maintaining dignity. We can provide around the clock supervision for your loved one if the need arises.

Diet is an important consideration for those with impaired kidney function, and our companions are educated and trained in this field.

Companions supervise the intake of foods as well as prepare and serve meals restricting those foods which are contraindicated for people with kidney dysfunction.

Our companions work with stroke victims affected with aphasia to help with their speech impairment if possible. Companions use a vocabulary of picture icons to create phrases in order to communicate with clients. Gestures are used and a simple set of pictures like a glass of water, a bathroom, food, a person walking, a person in a bed, or a chair, and so on, it allows them to express needs without words. We try to relieve some of the frustration associated with aphasia and stroke.

These are just some of the special activities we perform.

At Preferred Homecare Plus "providing priority care is our preference"


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