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My husband David used the services of Preferred homecare Plus for only about a month and a half because his medical condition suddenly became much more serious than it was at first, he was hospitalized and sadly, passed away. However, during that relatively short time, we were both extremely satisfied with the services we both received.

David had several medical challenges, and while he was still getting around quite well and was able to do most daily activities independently, he was becoming generally weaker and was no longer driving. In order for me to continue working, he needed someone to drive him to his many doctor appointments and to help him do the various local errands he so loved doing. Within about a day of my initial phone call, Vilma came to our house for an interview with us. I immediately had a good feeling, due to her energy and warmth. She assured us she would assign someone to us who would be a good match for David’s needs and his personality. Susan certainly was that person. She was calm, confident, responsible, flexible, considerate and caring. She always treated David with the utmost patience and respect. I trusted her completely and never and never had any concern for her being in our home or with David. He mentioned many times to me that he always felt completely comfortable with her, which coming from him, meant a lot!

The day he was taken to the hospital for the final time, I stayed home from work but we had Susan come over for her regularly scheduled visit anyway. I cannot express how much physical and emotional support she gave both to me and to David on that very difficult day.

In closing, I can honestly say I was completely satisfied. Vilma called several times during the period that Susan was working with us to make sure that everything was going well. I also felt that the cost was appropriate for both the services and the peace of mind we received and was worth every penny I spent.I could not have continued working had I not had this service, and now that David is gone, I am extremely relieved that I was able to keep my position at work intact.

Many thanks to both Vilma and Susan,

Mrs. K. Tallman

To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Laurette

Kudos to Preferred Homecare Plus an Agency that Cares

I want to commend Preferred Homecare Plus for the excellent care they gave my elderly parents after a car accident, especially since I reside in a different state. Not only did the agency personally arrange for someone to pick up my father after an overnight stay in the hospital but they continued their vigilant care for the remainder of the week on such short notice. It was important that someone be with my parents at home 24 hours a day for the first week and the care my parents received was exemplary. I was very pleased that I could trust them to shop, clean, cook, nutritious meals, provide companionship as well as personal care. My parents also were very happy with the attention they received from Vilma Vaccaro who was sweet, kind and obviously loves helping people. Preferred Homecare Plus provides a service but most importantly they truly care. I would highly recommend Preferred Homecare Plus to anyone who needs the type of assistance they provide and for family members who cannot always be there for the people they love.


Ms. Laurette Piculin

To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Maura

I would like to thank you, Jane and Barbara for taking such wonderful care of my mom. The care that as given gave myself and my brothers such comfort. When I came to see my mom, I could tell that she Also felt comfortable in their care.

Thank you again,


To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Jane W.

My husband and I were very impressed with Preferred Homecare Plus, beginning with coming to our home and  being interviewed to find out what our needs would be. Then sending the Companion to care for us. The Companion came as a worker but ended up as a good friend. Shes' a gem!  You helped us in a time of need and we are so grateful.


Jane W.
Nyack, NY

To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Ruth G.

The agency sincerely attempted to match the Companion to the type of person being cared… type(s) of needs and more important to me and my mom, an individual who was in tune with my Mom’s personality, background and language (Spanish).

Jane was more than caring and went the extra mile in keeping my Mom clean, tranquil and well fed. She truly seemed to know how to deal with my Mom’s needs, this was greatly appreciated. Your agency seems to be not only professional, but also difficult to find in these times we're living in. (Your company is) interested in the "people" aspect of care in servicing the every day needs of the sick and elderly. Thank you.

Ruth G.
Congers, NY

To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Lucy Nogy

I am writing this letter because I want to give praise to Preferred Homecare Plus.

The companions have made me feel safe and comfortable while I have been going through times of uncertainty and adjustment.

There comes a time in your life when you need assistance and assurance. Preferred Homecare Plus companions provide both.

At this stage in a persons life, a person has to face problems and deal with them calmly.

PHP companions were able to give me the peace of mind to deal with the issues. I am very grateful.

Lucy Nogy

To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: I. Weiss

Your knowledge of how to care for patients was invaluable in helping my mom recover from surgery and other conditions. You always had an idea or suggestion to improve her surroundings and went out of your way to buy things that made her life easier.

The other people you found to share the shifts were also wonderful, caring and respectful. I always knew mom was being cared for in a safe and loving environment. You made sure the shifts were always covered, even if you had to cover extra shifts by yourself. Mom was never left alone and felt secure with the people helping her.

Whether it was taking mom to doctors, or a manicure, calling to renew prescriptions, or cooking, you were always ready to take care of things. We met you at a very difficult time, and we do not know how we could have managed without you.

Thanks for everything,


To: Vilma Vaccaro

From: Barbara Sontag

The smartest thing I ever did was to hire your company to take care of my mother. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am. You took my mother to all her doctors appointments, cleaned her house, cooked for her and made her feel like a person. Anytime my mother needed something, you or one of your companions would run out to the store to buy it for her. You picked up her prescriptions and always made sure she had clean clothes to wear.

When my mother would go into the hospital the companion would go into the hospital with her to keep her company and be her eyes and ears. You or one of your companions would sleep on the chair in her room with her so she was not alone. In fact, one time the nurse came into the room and asked who my mothers roommate was and my mother said "Vilma!"

You took care of my mother as if she were your own mother and I will never forget you for that.

Love Always,
Barbara Sontag


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